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  • The new 785 HUEZ RS Disc enables you to perform safely on both slopes of the hill. Its stability, power and precision will assure an optimal security to help you keep your advantage.

    FLAT MOUNT:  The FLAT MOUNT disc brake standard allows direct attachment of the hydraulic calipers to the carbon of the fork and frame. Its main advantage, in addition to refining the design and profile, is to reduce the overall weight of the system.

    SPEEDRELEASE:  To optimize the rigidity and to compensate for the significant forces during braking, the wheel axles used are 12 mm thru-axles. The 785 also uses one of the latest innovations available: the speed-release system. This axle system allows disassembly of the wheel twice as fast as with a traditional thru-axle. Indeed it is not necessary to remove it completely from the frame or fork to clear the wheel. A simple 5 mm release with an indexed setting and the wheel is removed while the axle remains in the hub. This feature is particularly useful in competition for quick and efficient wheel changes.

    NANO LAYER CONSTRUCTION:  With over 30 years of carbon technology know-how, skill and expertise, LOOK engineers, in their manufacturing facility, ultra-precisely define the position and orientation of each of the thin layers of carbon used to create their tubes.

    OPTIMIZED INERTIA SECTION:  To create the 785 HUEZ RS, we began by studying and improving the shape of all of the tubes. Optimizing the shape requires defining the design that provides the maximum inertia for each tube, that is to say, to choose the optimal length, size and shape that produces the best stiffness-to-weight ratio.

    We therefore, opted for a sleek and sophisticated design based on precise research, entirely focused upon the search for efficiency and performed by our engineers, to create an ultralight bicycle with the best possible characteristics. A tube sidewall thickness of 0.6 mm was ultimately chosen.

    ULTRA HIGH MODULUS CARBON:  Once the optimal length, size and tube thickness have been determined, the next step is to establish the ideal carbon composition to achieve our objective, the creation of the best bicycle made for climbing. To accomplish this, the recipe is similar to that of gastronomic cuisine. To make the best dish, one needs ingredients of the highest quality. LOOK has therefore selected only superior carbon fibers, including the finest of the high modulus, to create the HUEZ 785 RS. We have chosen five different types of carbon, each one selected for its outstanding quality in its category.

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