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Kontrol Insoles

Get full power.

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  • The Kontrols are the same shape as the BLK Insoles, but are not as stiff, which will allow for a little more flex in the instep area.

    The low, mid and high arch concept is an insole design used with running insoles. The situation in cycling couldn't be more different. In cycling there is only one position where the rider receives the most stable base and the optimum body statics. That is the "neutral zero" position of the foot. SOLESTAR cycling insoles deliver a basis for the foot that will bring it into this optimum position, no matter if the foot has a low, mid or high arch. Depending on how strong your feet pronate or supinate, your body may need a few rides to adjust to the feel of the Solestars, but give it time and you'll love them.

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