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VAM Chassis

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  • Applying Factor’s ethos of zero compromises, the O2 VAM is the result of the most substantial engineering breakthrough in carbon bike manufacturing in decades. Using new methods to defy modern carbon bike manufacturing convention, Factor is able to optimize structural design, while using the absolute least amount of material possible; all without any loss of stiffness or ride quality.

    The VAM is manufactured with a completely new method of carbon compaction. Using a proprietary pressurization process greater than normal allows them to wring excessive resin from the carbon base material, therefore making the carbon stronger, lighter and more efficient.

    An optimized and strategic layup of mixed modulus carbon helps further define and augment VAM’S decisive handling characteristics.

    Until VAM, reduction in frame weight signified an equal decrease in ride quality. VAM forever alters this dynamic. Even as the lightest production bike to date, the VAM is stiff and responsive under power, maintaining the superior ride and handling qualities justly regarded as the signature elements of all Factor Bikes.

    A redesigned and optimised bottom bracket, working in tandem with an updated seat tube, provide the core of the O2 VAM’s ride characteristics. An industry first, VAM incorporates Boron within the seat tube. This allows a reduction in weight while adding both stability and strength. The resulting structural integrity is combined with a meticulously designed BB junction, providing instantaneous power transfer and in essence, serves as the beating heart of the O2 VAM.

    There’s no asterisk next to the weight of the bike. VAM’s weight (or more precisely, its lack of it) is due to inspired design and manufacturing excellence. Instead of relying upon a collection of temperamental and difficult to obtain ultralight components to hit target weights, Factor challenged themselves to deliver weight savings within the chassis. The goals? To allow the O2 VAM to be assembled with standard components, and its rider to enjoy the thrill of an ultralight, with the reliability and compatibility of standardized kit.

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  • Jonathan Schwartzman 09-08-2019 01:42

    Recently decided to switch from my Cervelo R5 to the new Factor VAM disc. While completely happy with my prior ride I have been overwhelmingly impressed with the handling, feel and bravado of the VAM. Brilliant raw carbon finish. I have yet to take it to peaks taller than Sugarloaf, but have no doubt this all rounder will perform flawlessly.

    5 stars based on 1 reviews
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