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Love us or hate us, we have personalities.

Road, mountain, 'Cross, or gravel. Sales, service, and back office. Joey started working in shops when he was 12, which may not even be legal, and we were lucky enough to find him after he had about 14 years under his belt. Originally a mechanic, he moved over to sales after proving to Lance that he was, truly, better. "And with that, Lance, I'm moving to sales . . . . "
Joey loves every discipline of cycling from mountain to road, and now he's even ventured into the Zwift world. These days you’ll find him on the road, although that road may be dirt. From bikes to scooters to motorcycles, he will ride anything with two wheels.
Currently riding: Allied Echo w/SRAM Force AXS and a Scott Scale 910.
As an active cyclist for about 16 years, he has been crushing the local scene for just as long. Tic is the one person who works in the shop who actually looks like a euro pro cyclist, and likely could have been one.
On the road, or off, he’s one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet, so if you don’t like him, you should probably see a therapist and figure out what’s wrong with YOU. Our running shop joke is that we hate him for being so good at everything, but so nice at the same time. We’ve been to therapy about it, so it’s all good. Oh, and if you haven’t seen his artwork, you are missing out.
Currently riding: Parlee RZ7 w/Shimano Di2 9170, 3T Exploro, and a Scott Scale 920.
“Grumpy Ol’ Lance,” loves “fixing things.” The gruffness is all an act most days, though, because we regularly catch him watching kitten videos. He’s the softest one in the group, and since he is refusing to own a car, he’s the only one who can say he rides his bike everyday, everywhere.
He is the one to fix it, and in our opinion, he’s the best mechanic around, so dealing with his “grumpiness” is worth it. He knows old stuff and the new stuff, which is a rare combination.
When asked for comment about his gruff personality, Lance simply said, “OMG! I don’t have time for these stupid f'ng questions.” Meow.
Currently riding: Santa Cruz Highball. All the time. Everywhere.
Also known as “Chef Andrew.” When he is not feeding the rest of the shop, and most of Orlando, he might be riding, or sailing, or cave diving, or surfing, or popping off some rounds at the firing range. Andrew is, hands down, one of the most fun people to ride with in the shop. El también habla español. Andrew es el hombre!
Currently riding: Scott Addict RC and a Scott Scale 900.
Some say they have met him, others say they saw him recently, and even more say they have never seen or talked to the guy. He does actually exist, though.
He’s our Chief Product Tester and if there is someone in the Florida area that has ridden more bikes than this guy, we’d like to meet, and bow before them. Ward knows his products and definitely has opinions. While his mileage isn’t what it used to be, he still gets excited about bikes, and wheels, and clothing, and everything else that is cycling. It’s in his blood, and has been since his first century with some friends at age 11.
He’s been a Love Him/Hate Him-presence in Orlando for 15 years, now. People who get his dry humor, love it. Those that don’t, think he’s a total dick. People change sides, regularly.
Currently riding: 2022 Cervelo R5 w/SRAM Red AXS and Classified Wheels, Allied Able w/SRAM Red AXS and Classified Wheels, Allied Allroad w/9170 DI2, and a Scott Spark RC Pro w/XTR. Black Inc wheels, throughout.

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