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We handle warranty claims for every brand we sell. However, there are some considerations:


  • Things do break. It's unfortunate, and it even happens to us.

  • Not every issue is a automatically a warranty, and WE do not make that decision. The MANUFACTURER makes that decision.

  • We are not reimbursed for labor incurred during the warranty process, unlike car dealerships, and it can often be a time consuming process. Tearing a bike down, taking photos of the damage, packing it for shipping, and then rebuilding can total 3-4 hours of total time.

    If you purchased from us, we do not charge for this time, although we will need to charge you for any parts needed to complete the rebuild (cables, housing, bartape, etc.). It's part of what you get when you purchase from us.

    Other related expenses like shipping are not covered. You will be responsible for any shipping costs, to and from us, or the manufacturer. 

    If you purchased elsewhere, we will charge our standard hourly rate of $95/hour to handle the warranty claim. For bikes, plan on 4 hours of time for teardown, packing, and rebuild.

    We will provide you with an estimate before proceeding with any tear down of your bike. If you choose to return to the store where you purchased the bike, we understand, but please be aware that once we start tearing down a bike, we will charge for any time spent. 

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