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Nimbl Shoes - Now at WPC!

Nimbl Shoes - Now at WPC!

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That's right, we are now stocking Nimbl shoes. Most sizes and colors are arriving in mid-October. 

The shoes worn by Team Jumbo Visma, and almost 100 other Pros. The shoes that stood on the the top step of the 2023 Tour de France and the Giro de Italia and the Vuelta.

Nimbl Italian Craftmanship


All Nimbl shoes are handmade in Italy in their production facility with a passion for making high quality, high performance and durable shoes with a power transfer and fit that exceeds the riders’ expectations.

Entirely manufactured in house, from the carbon chassis to the upper, with attentive Italian craftsmanship allowing them to keep control of the whole production process thereby creating exclusive and luxury technical footwear.


  • Superlight at less than 200 grams (size 43)
  • Wide toe box for comfort
  • Three bolt cleat pattern or Speedplay specific 4-bolt
  • White microfiber upper, with mesh and memory foam
  • Black microfiber lining 
  • Dual sided mounted BOA Li2 dials - micro-adjustable aluminum dial
  • Replaceable heel cap with internally recessed screws 
  • 4 different color options 



Durability and comfort are achieved by the uncompromised choice of material and a unique design. Their microfiber allows for a stronger and very comfortable shoe. The wide toe box offers extraordinary freedom and comfort especially at higher temperatures.

Making uncompromising choices helps creating a superior and exclusive product, unique in its features. A pair of shoes that will look fresh even after wearing them for days and days of riding.



Their shoes answer to the needs of demanding riders seeking premium performance. The core of all their shoes is a “tray” shaped carbon shell that provides unrivalled power transfer and keeps feet in the optimal position. The superior and unique power transfer is the first sensation riders experience the first time they ride Nimbl, thanks to the ultra-stiff sole and its low stack height.

But the focus on performance does not end here. In fact, thanks to the use of their proprietary microfibers, Nimbl shoes help the feet to stay in place without the need of grippy material.

Superior power transfer, fit and grip do not come anymore at the cost of a weight penalty. At sub-200 grams (AIR) per shoe in size 43 their shoes are amongst the lightest on the market.



Nimbl are race-proven shoes. Over the past year World Tour riders along with track World champions have been putting their shoes under the most demanding practice tests at the most important cycling events in the World. The best testing ground for any product, where performance is the ultimate goal.

EU Size US Size Inner sole length in cm Width toe box
37   22,8 8,50
38   23,6 8,70
39 5 24,2 8,90
40 6 24,8 9,10
40,5 6,5 25,1 9,10
41 7 25,5 9,20
41,5 7,5 25,8 9,20
42 8 26,3 9,35
42,5 8,5 26,6 9,35
43 9 26,9 9,55
43,5 9,5 27,2 9,55
44 10 27,5 9,70
44,5 10,5 27,8 9,70
45 11 28,1 9,85
45,5 11,5 28,5 9,85
46 12 28,8 10,00
46,5 12,5 29,1 10,00
47 13 29,4 10,30
47,5 13,5 29,8 10,30
48 14 30,1 10,50


To determine the correct shoe size the following steps must be followed:

  1. Take a clean sheet of paper and a pen
  2. Trace the shape of your foot entirely
  3. Mark the bottom and top-end of your feet to determine the actual length of your foot in milimeters acurate
  4. Take a measurement tape and measure both the width and the length
  5. Repeat this procedure for your other foot as well
  6. Check our Sizing Table for the correct shoe size


If there is a length difference between your feet:

  • The shoe size corresponding to your largest foot is the correct one.
  • In case of a length difference > 3mm, please contact to our customer service to consult how to select the correct size.

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