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Gecko Grip Bar Tape; Black

Reliable, Affordable, and Tacky

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  • Gecko Grip is EVA foam and ventilated polyurethane in a laminated, layered construction. Gecko Grip has a rubbery,”grippy” feel compared to cork tape. It lays flat on the wrapped bars and is thinner than cork. It doesn’t absorb sweat as easily as Cork and can be wiped off with a wet rag in seconds.

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  • tim henery 25-02-2022 16:03

    This tape only got 2 star due to the wear after 10, 1 hr rides, 6 outdoors and 4 on trainer. I wore gloves on all rides. The pealing is like your skin after a sunburn. The surface under the tacky material is smooth and slick. The tacky surface feels great. This bar take is best for ungloved or sweaty riders, people that like to change their bar tape a lot. I've used several versions of Arundel tape and have been satisfied with them until this version.

    2 stars based on 1 reviews
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