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Synergetic Wet Lube

Up to 12,000mi from a bottle

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  • The fastest and possibly quietest oil-based chain lube available today. If you want a quiet and efficient ride without the detailed cleaning of wax, Synergetic is the perfect choice.

    In SILCA testing, the use of a significantly more advanced base oil than used in the University of Lyon testing has shown further improvements in both wear and friction, while careful balancing of the formulation has allowed them to mass produce the resulting oil at an attainable price despite the exotic cost of some of the ingredients.

    SILCA Synergetic oil has tested internally to be the fastest and quietest oil-based lubricant ever tested, losing only 4.9 watts on 250 input (98.1% efficiency), however, it really begins to shine when focusing on longevity and durability of the chain and mating components.  Best of all, because the lubricant forms a durable tribofilm at the metal surface, and is strongly attracted to itself, the lube proves to be exceptionally waterproof, remaining inside the chain even in testing under full water submersion, the lubricant is not displaced! 

    Due to a bottling mistake their label is missing the words "Do not Eat", but this lubricant is not safe for consumption.

    How To Apply Synergetic


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