We won't be going back to "business as usual." For us, it will be a mix of old and new, using modern technology and what we've observed, to make things simpler, easier, and better than you can imagine. Here's what you can expect:
Appointments are a good thing, and we are keeping them.
Undivided attention is tough with any unexpected visit, but by scheduling a time, we can be 100% yours, Let's coordinate a time and we can both be prepared. This way, we both get each other's undivided attention, and really maximize your visit. When we know you are coming, we can prepare and make you the only person in the store, both figuratively and literally.
Personal Shopper? Yes, get it right the first time.
Let's just start a conversation. Call, Text, Chat, or email us to describe your needs. Then, let's meet on our website with LiveChat and shop together to select the correct products and create your Shopping Cart. From there, you simply login, review, and pay. Many times, we can have your purchases on your doorstep that day or within a few days, if you are not local.
Our staff has been doing this for years, so it's nothing really "new" for us. Give it a shot and once you see how easy it can make things, you'll love it. The goal is just to make it easier for you.
Shopping for bikes can be intimidating.
It shouldn't be. You are getting a new toy! It should be fun and exciting, but when it's a face-to-face, or even just verbal, remembering all the specs, prices, options, and availability can be downright overload. And then there's the questions you forgot to ask . . . .
So, ask us questions. Any time.
We've noticed that through Chat, Text, and Email, people are asking more questions, and with better retention. And with a few questions prior, it can really streamline the sales and service process. We can provide information, you can absorb it, and then ask more questions, whenever you think of them. We are there, just reach out.
The Winter Park Cycles Team