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2015 Scott Addict Review

2015 Scott Addict Review

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The newer Scott Addict is considered Scott’s "everyday race bike." Just slightly more forgiving and less aerodynamic than its counterpart, the Scott Foil, it’s still completely capable of performing at the highest levels, like those Grand Tour things that those World Tour pros do. You have probably seen this bike win big races on the world stage, and did not even know. I kind of think of it as a “humble champion,” because it is often overlooked for some flashier models from other brands -- even Scott's own Foil. That's a shame because the geometry of the Addict gives it a ride quality that a lot of people will be comfortable with and appreciate.  


The Ride
I have been riding the 2015 Scott Addict 15 for a few months now and I can confidently say the bike rode as expected in some ways, and really surprised me in others. The first is how stiff the bike is. The geometry reminds me a little of an F series Felt I rode for a while, but the Scott Addict is drastically stiffer in all the right places. It’s a more comfortable ride than the Scott Foil, but I don’t think it has the stiffness when it comes to acceleration that the Foil has. There are some bikes that are snappy and stiff, but dampen the harsh vibrations of the road a little better than the Addict, but by no means  does the Addict feel uncomfortable or harsh. Upgrading to a model using Scott's whiz-bang top of the line HMX carbon (vs. the HMF carbon used in the 15) will certainly help in not only smoothing the ride out, but also dropping the weight of an already light bike. The front end of this bike is incredibly responsive. Almost a little twitchy, maybe, when out of the saddle, but once I got used to it, I realized the bike is very stable when in the saddle. I have never hesitated to take a hand off the bar and reach down for a bottle or wipe sweat of my face, because of how stable the bike is at speed. 


The Specs and Small Bits
The specs on this bike are really interesting because I think it shows that Scott was really trying to get people on as much bike as they could for the money. It utilizes a Shimano Ultegra Di2 drivetrain. This was my first time using an electronic group, and I’ll just say it performs better than I ever expected. I was a very big fan of the saddle that came on it, except for the color -- white. I’ll never understand why many manufacturers, not just Scott, would put a white saddle on a bike with black bar tape. That's just blaphemous. So, I switched the stock saddle to a black carbon railed Syncros saddle, which is very comfortable and just a hair lighter. I would have kept the white saddle and put white bar tape on the bike, because it doesn’t get more pro than white tape, but with me touching dirty bikes all day, If I even look at white tape, it turns black. The Syncros bar and stem that come on the bike compliments the geometry well.  I am pretty picky about the drop on bars but I found it more comfortable than I was expecting. The wheel set that is pretty much a Syncros branded DT Swiss wheel performs as expected and fits this “all around race” bike well because I thinks it’s a great “all around” wheel set. The only Achilles heal to the spec of the bike is the Shimano unbranded crank set and brake set. In order to get a bike of this level under the $4500 mark, they had to trim some fat somewhere, and they did so here. That being said, I don’t think the performance of the bike is affected at all by the use of these components.


Wrap Up
Overall, the Addict is a great bike. Crush the group on your local ride. Ride all day by yourself. Even take it to a Grand Tour. There is a reason why this bike has remained unchanged in Scott's line up for as long as it has.


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Posted on 2016-11-17 11:15:37
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